Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

3D Photography a Tutorial

Ok, This is my personal Tuturial of how to create 3D anaglyphic photographs:


-Normal Camera
- Program named StereoPhoto Maker availaible here
!!!!! (Please note that the Program is in German) !!!!!!
- Patience
-3D Glasses Red-Cyan

!! Its is recommended that you put the camera on a surface !!

First you choose an object(nonmoving is better) and then put the camera in front of it, take care that you do not choose an object that is really flat, it should have some depths. now you shot one picture but keep the camera on the surface and do not changeanything around the environment. Now you move the camera 0.2-0.39inch(0.5-1 cm) to the left and make your second shot of the object.
Now download the pictures on your computer and run stereophoto maker. Go on Datei(located top left corner) and in the Droping menu you choose "Linkes/ Rechtes Bild öffnen" choose the two pictures taken of the object. For having Gray 3D pics ( works better in most cases) press the F6 button on the keyboard. Now the two pictures are on top of each other put your glasses on and see if its is working. if not try the Auto adjust button, which is the sixth button from the right end.

The 3D effect works best, when you have a corner in the back, lines on the ground, sharp images, good light conditions, not to dark but not to light.

Have fun and show me your 3D pictures

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Fedup with people who are not able to evaluate persons

Ok today was a very bad day for me.
As I am still going to school our history teacher told us our oral grades. In germany the system scales from 1-6, and 1 is the best mark u can get. In 11 and 12th grader system changes from 0-15 and 15 is the best mark u can get. Well back to topic:
As i had to be away from school for 6 weeks for serious medical reasons she doesnt have a real base to value me. but what she did was sort of unfair: she gave me a 4 which is on the edge of failed. When i returned i participated more than usual, but i am sitting in the back of the classroom, and she sort of rolls some dice to give someones mark. i rejected and protested and well i hope it goes better for me.

thats for today, tuesday 11th may 2010, later this week i will post a tutorial of hot to create 3D images.